Last Day at Work

Today, with just a couple hours of work left I find myself reflecting on my stay here at Human Nature and the Philippines. Despite how cliche it is, I must say there have been highs and there have been lows haha. Overall I am very happy to have had to opportunity to to spend my […]

Waterfall Get Away

This week at work I helped one of my co-workers put together a few price comparison, which is used to compare prospective products from social enterprises to existing goods. my co-worker will use my work in her presentation to try to convince our CEO that Human Nature should carry the product or support the social […]

A Trip to GK Enchanted Farm

This week I visited GK farms as part of my immersion at Human Nature. I must admit it was a bit strange to be doing my immersion with only two weeks left of the internship, never-the-less I was happy to get out of the office and to see the farm. Human Nature came from GK […]

Corregidor Island

Work this week has been rather uneventful, I spent most of the time researching what a living wage is in the Philippines. It comes out to around 20 dollars a day for a family of 6. To me this is astonishingly low, especially when one considers this is more or less what we as interns […]

An Island Getaway

This week at work I worked on a couple Power Points about the social enterprises which Human Nature works with. Work was rather uneventful to be completely honest, but the weekend was anything but uneventful! Chris, the FNRI interns, and I took advantage of the three day weekend and went to Puerto Galera. It was […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In this post I will talk about my first full week here in Quezon city where I am interning. I don’t know where to begin. The Good. This country is truly beautiful, compared to the flat landscape of Illinois even the smallest mountain leaves me in awe. The plant life is vibrant and lush and […]

First Day of Work

After a great few days of orientation with the other interns I set off for Quezon, where I will be living. I’ve had a blast so far, the food, scenery, and people have been wonderful. I got the grand tour of the Human Nature office where I will be working. I have to admit the […]