An Island Getaway

This week at work I worked on a couple Power Points about the social enterprises which Human Nature works with. Work was rather uneventful to be completely honest, but the weekend was anything but uneventful! Chris, the FNRI interns, and I took advantage of the three day weekend and went to Puerto Galera. It was a wonderful and truly beautiful weekend. We stayed at a fantastic little hotel which was right on a secluded beech as seen below.7b016017cb6b67955d7bea541c3e84e9While in Puerto Galera I really had a great time, we went snorkeling and did a fair bit of kayaking which was an absolute blast! We even crossed the bay seen above. The sunsets were beautiful and were truly a sight to behold.19496274_1591877357503035_1525541922_oOne evening as we were sitting down to get something to eat we saw some locals tide pooling and decided to join. This was such a fun experience and I got to handle some really cool sea life. Randi one of the other interns even found a sea urchin! I picked it up and tried to give it to one of the locals who had collected a few, but she said the one we had found was not edible. Nevertheless she showed us what she had been collecting, a pile of vibrant sea urchins.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The weekend came and went far too fast i’m afraid. Before I knew it we were back on the boat headed home.


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