A Trip to GK Enchanted Farm

This week I visited GK farms as part of my immersion at Human Nature. I must admit it was a bit strange to be doing my immersion with only two weeks left of the internship, never-the-less I was happy to get out of the office and to see the farm. Human Nature came from GK farms and many of the social enterprises my division works with did too. On the farm there were many social enterprises ranging from Plush and Play which sews the most wonderful stuffed animals to First harvest’s array of food products including peanut and caramel spreads. It was really cool to see these businesses, since my co-workers and I have been working to help them succeed.

Image result for plush and play

Also as part of the trip we stopped at one of the GK villages. The Village is a housing unit built by GK for poor and impoverished individuals. The houses were provided to squatters who lived in small self built homes which litter the city. As you can see the color of the houses are quite vibrant, this is because GK seeks to not only provide housing, but also to change the mentality of the people living there. No longer do the people feel like they are imposing on squatted land, instead GK seeks to make them feel like contributing members of a community. IMAG1223


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