Waterfall Get Away

This week at work I helped one of my co-workers put together a few price comparison, which is used to compare prospective products from social enterprises to existing goods. my co-worker will use my work in her presentation to try to convince our CEO that Human Nature should carry the product or support the social enterprise. On a more interesting note, this weekend, I went on a hike to see the most beautiful waterfalls. I met up with some of the FNRI interns and a couple of their go-workers and together we set off early in the morning. The hike was easy, the company was good, and the views were incredible.

Not only was the view amazing, but we were able to swim at both waterfalls. Kate, Rod (one of the FNRI employees), and I even jumped off of a rock into the pool (seen above in on the right photo near the bottom right hand corner of the falls) if you look closely you can see some local boys doing the same. I have never seen anything like these falls and there certainly is nothing like this back in Illinois. Not only did we get to see some great views and swim, but we also got some cool group pictures. received_1814449525238491


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