Last Day at Work

Today, with just a couple hours of work left I find myself reflecting on my stay here at Human Nature and the Philippines. Despite how cliche it is, I must say there have been highs and there have been lows haha. Overall I am very happy to have had to opportunity to to spend my summer here in the Philippines. I have experienced truly beautiful scenes on my weekends and have met some wonderful people.

Two member of my department Deng and Mau have made me feel very welcome and have been most kind. Together we have traveled and eaten some delicious food! (left picture Deng far left, Mau second to left)

The employees here at Human Nature have been welcoming and have embodied the famed Filipino kindness. I will miss most the friends I have made and the delicious cuisine. The vinegar and chilies here are so yummy and I will miss them so much. Fortunately I have found procured some chili seeds, so with a little luck, I will have a chili plant growing in my dorm room in no time.


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